Broadcast live shows

Record it on cloud in versatile Mp4 format

Publish it to your audience

All on push of a button

All major browsers and devices supported

Broadcast and Publish

Control your door lock remotely

Speak to visitor

Easy installation

Backed by cloud AI

Smart access control

Proactive protection system

Easy access from any device

Manage hundreds of devices

Easy audit of the surveillance data

The Cloud Advantage

H264/Mjpeg Video broadcast

Face recognition

Car license place recognition

Programmable camera API

Smart searches across camera

Do More On Cloud

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Detect unusal events

Template searches across history

Detect events across multiple cameras

Face recognition, Number plate recognition and more

Smart history organisation and alert management

Power of AI

AI powered cloud camera series
Versatile grids - record, broadcast, publish, audit, report, detect, recognise, search, measure emotions and deduce situations.

Free unlimited Storage

The surveillance devices store motion data and time series data on the cloud. There is infinite cloud storage available for each account. This data is kept secure for 360 days after which it is safely removed and destroyed. This data is preprocessed both at the device level and on the cloud to get actionable intelligence from it.


Events across cameras

If you install multiple CloudCams then they form a grid. This grid of CloudCam with their collective intelligence enables you to look at complex events that happened across cameras. For example, a person going out to meet someone is captured by a camera and the person walking in the premises is captured by another camera. This event is stitched together in the Events tab.


Alerts and alarms

The whole paradigm of raising alerts and alarm changes with machine learning. The cameras learn over time about the movement, coverage, and timings. They can detect abnormal events and will alert you. The alarms can be configured such that any drastic change in temperature or camera parameters can be used to raise it.


Number plate recognition

Number plate recognition can be enabled on your account by click of a button ! Unlike face recognition where the camera needs to undergo training on initiation, the number plate detection does not require training. You can also do textual searches for detected license numbers. It is very competitively priced and you pay for what you use.


Share Motion and Video Feed

You can now share your dynamic motion or video feed or embed it in your website. This will make your business website more dynamic and will let your business better connect with your customers.


Abnormal events

CloudCam comes with many advance features. All the motion is recorded on the cloud. It filters out data that is not useful or does not contain change. CloudCam keeps track of the kind and time of the activity that is taking place, any unusual changes will be reported.


CloudCam grid

If you have multiple cameras the whole grid becomes intelligent and is able to sense neighboring devices by stitching together events across such neighbors. The machine learning algorithms enable the CloudCam to find out neighbouring cameras and that, in turn, helps in detecting complex related events.


Temperature and Humidity

CloudCam records any changes in temperature and humidity. These changes are recorded in your cloud account. You can setup up alarms if the temperature goes beyond certain ranges. This will help keep your family and property safe. The alarms will reach you anywhere in the world via cloud connect.


Face Detection and Recognition

Face detection can be enabled on the device. Once a face is detected it is send to cloud as alert for further analysis. From your cloud account you can goto alert and start training it to recognise faces. You will be surprised as to how fast cloud learns, and by the accuracy of its recognition power !

Cloud vs IP Cameras

Following table does feature wise comparison:

FeaturesIP CameraCloud Camera
SecurityVulnerable to attack if exposed to outside network.Security is inbuilt from grounds up.
Data securityChances of loosing surveillance dataData is secure in the cloud
UpdatesNo updatesNew features are effortlessly passed on to the user.
IntelligenceNoneThese have the ability to detect abnormal events, events across cameras etc.
Wifi DependantDependant
BroadcastDepends on device capability.CCam provides multiple access from any number of clients. In fact you can broadcast your video feed, if you want !
Alarms and AlertsNoneConfigurable alarms and alerts
IntelligenceNoneHighly Intelligent examples can relate events across cameras, Detect unusual events.
Feed AnalysisNoneSince the data flows thru cloud, it can be analysed using various AI tools to get actionable intelligence.

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Enterprise Customers
Users' feedback

At home with other wifi cameras I have to be online to check… i just have to check the history to see when maid came, when kids left home etc…very valuable for working couples. The out of the box experience and cloud integration is just awesome! I only get to see relevant data without wasting time. I get a feel that I have the control of home even while working.


We installed set of 10 cameras in our India office. The Event feature stitches together happenings across these cameras and is very good for auditing. Quick access from anywhere with many advance features this is must have if you manage your office remotely! Live dashboard is awesome. Now I know on the regular basis when an employee walks in walks out of the office.

pr reddy

We at Lanco Hills residential towers, received a quotation of several lakhs to install CCTV based surveillance cameras in the elevators. CCTV camera installation is especially cumbersome since the towers are 32 floors. With CloudCam it only cost a fraction of that money to install cloud-based cameras with the latest technology. It took only an hour to install and get it working. It is operational and accessible from any device. Just too good.

Neena P

Our community with 15 20 floors tower and there level basement parking had cctv installations in and around lobbies and tower receptions. Overtime we realized that we need monitoring at hard to reach places like terraces, fringes of parking lot, elevators. These places were more important to monitor as security exceptions were happing in these spaces. With ibeyonde’s tech we are able to monitor these spaces with fraction of the CCTV cost. We are also planning to do PCO for the gate cam that recognizes and organizes number plates.


these cams are good, very vivid pictures. i have 4 installed in my factory and they can be accessed by me, my father and our trusted employee. when i am away i can quickly check what happened when i was not around. only changes are available in history so no need to go thru static footage. we are also enabled face based based alerts for key employees and i have history of their movements, in and out time etc at tip of my hands.

balaji plasto