Currently there is a wide variety of IOT devices, DIY kits and the like. We as a company have been building our solution over raspberry pi based boards. These devices are being sold in millions. They are being used by hobbyists, home automation experts, and school and college students to do projects. There is lot of support in terms of code and help to get started with building an IoT solution quickly. Over two years of working with these devices, we found that the cloud support for these devices is missing or is in infancy. Recently Amazon and IBM both have announced support for IoT devices with their other cloud offerings. These are easy to use and simple ways of transferring data generated by IoT devices to consumers like a mobile device or web server.

With our experience of building our own IoT device, we feel there is a need for much broader base of services that can be consumed by the IoT device makers. Some of these are:

  1. VoIP via online PBX (asterisk)
  2. Video Streaming (via server/peer to peer)
  3. Data transfer and representation
  4. Value added service like face recognition and
  5. Framework of programmable command and responses to remote control the IoT device.

The goal of these services is to bring the device and the consumer like a mobile phone closer to each other without worrying about the cloud aspect of it. These services will have http end points and, python/php libraries for devices and java/objective C packages for the mobile or end user devices.

Our target markets are the providers of DIY kits and IoT device makers. Some of the technologies like VoIP and video streaming are on the verge of becoming available at scale. With our deep understanding of cloud, image recognition and IoT we are in a unique position to provide such services to the targeted market faster and in most efficient manner.

We have competition from companies that provide such services to different domains. They can also turn to exploding IoT market. As of now there are no established players so there is a good room to create something of value here and claim the space.

(More detailed profile on people on request only)

We plan to finish all the above services by June 2016.

Work done till date: Have a working IoT platform including hardware with video streaming, device control and configuration, VoIP and motion alerts. The services consume aws.

Future work is to productize these services.

Jan 2016: Initial IoT data transfer and visualization and IoT device control framework.

Feb 2016: Face recognition.

March 2016: VoIP service, Video Service

April 2016: Open for public

May-June 2016: Actively working on forum, blogs, and documentation to form a community around these services and improving them.